Shadow Fight 2: be ready to fight!

Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting game available on iPad since late April 2014, it was developed by the studio Nekki. You play as a character and you mission is to close the Gate of Shadows, to do this you have to overcome countless enemies and bosses. You will be equipped with more or less effective weapons and armor you wear to protect you from enemy attacks. You will become a true martial arts expert, the more you progress in the game, the more you’ll discover new fighting techniques!


Real samurai fights!

Following a curse that made him become a shadow, your character sees his appearance disappear forever. But to close the Gate of Shadows, you have to face terrible enemies as in the time of the proud warriors of ancient Japan. With “Shadow Fight 2 ‘, here you are in the shoes of a novice samurai ready to train tirelessly to his opponents to the ground, in a fighting game in the purest tradition. Will you be up to?

Be brave !

The martial arts are your masters to carry every fight first single by acquiring techniques necessary beforehand, then with bare hands facing a partner and finally via lethal weapons … In As your skills acquired by the tests, you will pass to the next level where additional challenges await you as well as even more dangerous opponents to fight. So, concentrate well and observe the movement of your rival to anticipate your defense and your attacks, choosing the appropriate weapons and take action always thoughtfully and without haste if you want to emerge victorious. Courage, perseverance and patience are the key words of your fate in this game to reach the end of the great boss …

Patience Patience and again …

Quite in the spirit of the rising sun, the reward comes only after many efforts. Easy to play but hard to master, “Shadow Fight 2 Hack ‘will give you the twisting wire to reach the end of this adventure is worth it. With these superb graphics carefully crafted and fluidity of movements and animations, you can only be conquered by this free application that offers many opportunities to enjoy a maximum, even how it will deal with the difficulty and repetitive movements of your soldier. In short, this is a perfect game to let off steam after a good day’s work!

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